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Most of us are currently breathing a BIG sigh of relief, the school year has ended, our seniors in high school have graduated, the younger kids are out of school, and another school year is temporarily in the rear view mirror! Things start to slow down a bit! Summer is ahead. Summer often has wonderful potential for family times lie ahead, perhaps potential vacations, lazy summer days and nights, so, why is our topic stress?


Well, because much of our stress has unfolded and affected us in manifold ways this year! My hope is to find us HELP, to face it, and look at it in different ways!

There is a TED TALK I watched today, and will share here with you, that really helped me to have a different perspective on the power to change my mind!  Hopefully it will change yours as well, and help to alter our attitude as to how we should be looking at it!! It’s revolutionary!

Summer gives us a break from our very busy schedules, and since summer is just a season, and inevitably, things seem to amp up again toward it’s end, this seems a great time to look at and begin to implement tools that will help us, when stress comes to visit yet again!

In the meantime, as we work at changing our minds, and making stress work to our advantage, I would like to share some protocols with you!

If you need any of these oils, please contact me, we’ll make an appointment and I will get you exactly what you need!


Wishing you health and wellness!

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Is an Entrepreneur and Diamond Team Leader with doTERRA

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