To Father’s From a Daughter’s Perspective

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I love June.

There are so many things about it, from blooming flowers and plants, to a peach tree with a hearty bounty to Father’s Day, which creates so many levels of emotion for me, because I have a VERY special Dad.

Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe I can talk to “men” as any sort of an authority, because I’m not a man! Yet, I hope to speak to you Fathers from the perspective of a daughter!

My mom had a rough time with men and it wasn’t until I was 14 years old, that the “right one” came into our lives. He was a good strong man full of character and integrity. Up to this time, I hadn’t had a solid male role model in my life, to speak to me about my potential, or affirm and encourage my dreams. He was a real answer to prayer, especially in those awkward teenage years.

When I was younger, I loved to watch how dads would sit their daughters on their laps to share stories, and talk when they were little. As daughters get older, the “awkward” phase sets in, and sometimes dads forget that their “little girl” is still in there, and that she still needs him, more now, than ever.

The year my dad came into my life, he began to set a wonderful example of a loving father. He already had three daughters, and they would often sit on his lap no matter their age, or size, and as soon as I became a part of this tribe, I was treated in the same manner. We all asked for his advice, especially helpful for me was his understanding of math! He would also tell us of our value, that we were loved, and we were enough.

Although I have a lot of memories of joking, laughing, and affirmation, I had still been affected by those years before; the years when there was less stability, a lot of uncertainty, and little affirmation. For a long time, I did not trust that my dad would always be there for me, as other men had promised me that, and then, they were gone. He was the real deal, but at that time, I couldn’t see it. So, as many young women do, I went looking for love and affirmation, in all the wrong places.

Fortunately, we grow up.

As life goes, I had my own children, and what I had learned from him in that short period of time,  was incredibly valuable, and has made an impact on me to this day!

All of this to say, Fathers, we need you! We daughters need your love and affection, and MOST especially in those awkward tween and teenage years!

When young men come to flatter, don’t we want our daughters to be able to say, “That’s all you’ve got?” My dad has told me all of my life, that I am beautiful, and valuable! Dad’s really are the first man who have the power to  model for us, the way a man should treat a woman!”

Women, young and old, who understand their worth and value, will NOT EASILY fall prey to men who do not value who they are, especially if Dad has modeled how they should be treated! You, as a Dad, are the one that sets the standard, and role model to your daughter! Your love teaches healthy boundaries, self esteem, and confidence! YOU are invaluable! 


Wishing you health and wellness!

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