Hindsight is 2020 Lets get uncomfortable!

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Well, another decade has gone. Isn’t it amazing how quickly time passes? I guess the older we get the faster it goes..

I know that the name of this blog is cliché but fitting. Here we are, 2020. I am especially mindful of the last four years. It has been a time that I have “maintained” instead of moving forward.

Last week I went to a training that challenged me. Where am I in my business? What have I really done to move it forward? To be honest, I got into a comfort zone. I was “floating” if you will. Not moving things forward, not regressing, but just maintaining. That is a sad place to be, because if  you are in water that doesn’t have anything moving into it, it goes stagnant.

Anything that moves us forward in life, has a push. Has an uncomfortableness to it. I started this year with a challenge, and decided to brush my teeth with my left hand! I am normally right handed and needed to do something that moved me out of my comfort zone. There is such power to this, as it activates a place in your brain that would be “dormant”.  Honestly, this felt like a small and doable thing, but wow, it’s been four days now and hasn’t gotten any easier. Yet, I know that this is something I need to do. To remind me that growth comes with struggle. With being willing to get uncomfortable!

How about you? What are your plans for 2020? Where do you want to be at the end of the year? Would you like to walk with someone who is willing to get out of the box? To do the uncomfortable things that move you forward? To come to the end of your life without regret?

Woulda, shoulda, coulda?  Let’s change that this year! Join me, I am getting uncomfortable to achieve the goals and dreams that I can’t leave planet earth without achieving!

What about you?


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